ExperMaps -The new flexible Online GIS by Hansa Luftbild

ExperMaps is the self-developed, flexible Online GIS for quick and convenient access to your geospatial information. This solution is applicable across sectors, modular-built and easy to adapt to your individual needs. So far ExperMaps is going to be a future-proof tool for management and information provisioning of your valuable (geo) information. Take advantage of the diverse applications of ExperMaps in combination with our performance in the collection and processing of geo-information and set the foundation for the development of your own spatial data infrastructure.

Integrate ExperMaps into your IT infrastructure - safe and reliable

In this software, we have incorporated our long-standing experience in the development of customer projects. Due to the consistent use of internationally agreed OGC standards, the system can seamlessly and reliably be integrated into your IT infrastructure. Therefore ExperMaps is not only a web-based portal for geographical information, it can also be used for uncomplicated access to technical information from your CRM, ERP or document management systems. Thanks to the use of encryption and access restrictions, you can determine who is allowed to view the data.

Provide your geospatial information to employees and customers

The intelligent combination of ExperMaps with your existing IT infrastructure opens up new possibilities for linking your information efficiently. Use ExperMaps to collect data from different sources and to distribute, analyse and visualise them. The intuitive operating concept allows users to obtain information and connect with each other, which were previously only available in separate applications and accessible to a small number of people. Your employees and customers will gain new insights from the linkage and analysis of large data sets and share your geo-information efficiently.

ExperMaps - the flexible Online GIS by Hansa Luftbild

Capture and retrieve information mobile

ExperMaps allows the access to your spatial information everywhere and everytime - via smartphones or tablets, and regardless of the used operating system.

Based on specifically developed mobile apps and user interfaces you can use almost unlimited the full functionality of Online GIS, retrieve information or mobile capture and update data. In addition to text input, the sensors of your mobile devices are also available, such as photo and video capabilities. In this way you and your employees are able to capture changes in outdoor environments digitally and bring inventory data faster up to date. This saves time by fast processes for the analysis and transmission of information in the data processing systems. Fortunately, costs of expensive specialized hardware of popular mobile devices become no longer necessary due to the usage.