Our licensing models

High flexibility and excellent customer service stood in the first place in the development of ExperMaps. We closely track these goals with our licensing models

ExperMaps as a hosting solution.

We assume at the request of hosting your data on our servers if you don´t want to build your own technical infrastructure for the operation of a WebGIS. Take advantage of our reliable, cost effective and energy efficient cloud solution and simultaneous high data security:

  • low one-time setup costs, including adaptation to the corporate design, data import, and many other benefits
  • high data security by upstream authentication, data storage in Germany and the use of encryption techniques
  • energy-efficient data center (80% energy savings compared to conventional funds), green power supply and redundant, uninterrupted power supply concept

You want to have full control? No problem with the help of our in-house model.

Many businesses and public institutions operate their own data centers and/ or have security policies that exclude operation of cloud solutions. For these customers, we install the application and all of its components locally on the servers provided by the customer. In addition, we assume the instruction of qualified employees for the continued operation of the system.

Of course, our service does not end with the installation and training, as our consultants and software specialists are also available afterwards for the support and development of this application.

Do you need more information about ExperMaps and our license models? We will gladly help you!